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Please share with family, friends, co-workers & neighbors. This is for real people only no actors/models. Here are the specs:

REAL PEOPLE CASTING:By Ellen Jacoby Casting ( Leading men's grooming brand is seeking good-looking men aged 35 to 40 years old, with their real son aged 6 (legally- having had their 6th birthday) to 9 years old. We are also interested in men meeting the brief who may not have children. We would also like to see the man’s real spouse or girlfriend - she should also be in her 30s.     This charismatic guy is a man that other men can respect, relate to and aspire to be like.  He has got to the point in his life where he knows who he is and has figured out what matters to him. He is a ‘modern man’ who exhibits both traditional and contemporary qualities of masculinity—but finding the perfect balance is still a work in progress. He’s both strong and big-hearted and he embraces all sides of himself. He puts integrity into his life’s work and his role as a husband and father. It’s these two sides of him that define him—not one or the other. We would like men with hair as there is a hair product.  There is also a deodorant product so the candidate should be in good shape, and must be willing to be photographed applying the deodorant without his shirt on. This casting is for real people only who have never done professional modeling or acting, or have ever been in the professional entertainment field in front of the camera. The pay rate for the man is $627.75 per shoot day per person.  As of right now, the commercial will not air in the US.  Additional monies will be paid for the different countries where the commercial will air.  For example, if this commercial is aired in the United Kingdom, an additional payment of triple the day rate would be added. We are planning to shoot this commercial week commencing January 11, 2016.

This casting will be held on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND. 

                     180 SW 18th AVENUE, DANIA BEACH, FL   33004                                        
(EXIT Stirling Road, just east of I-95, turn north on SW 18th Ave.) (free parking)

from 10:00 am until  6:00 pm. in the Dolphin meeting room
©Ellen Jacoby Casting